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Book and rent our equipment via our StuffStation app.

Download our app and start booking

With StuffStation you can share equipment without the hasle of bothering each other and keeping track of “who did what when” with the equipment.

Always equipment ready when you need it

Your equipment is kept in your StuffStation closet and you can book, pick up and bring back the equipment via the StuffStation app. The app uses facial recognition to check, identify and keep track of the equipment and its condition after your return of the equipment.

This also protects the closet from theft, it reminds the user if he/she forgets to bring back the equipment and much more.

  • Download the StuffStation app
  • Find your StuffStation location and book the desired equipment
  • Book your product for as long as you want
  • Return your product in your StuffStation after use
Get rid of the mess in your wardrobe

Rent the following equipment in our StuffStations for as little as 15 minutes at a time.

Vacuum cleaner

Get rid of the vacuum cleaner that bith takes up space and smells.

Folding chairs

Who doesn’t want to invite a few extra guests without having them to sit on the floor

Power drill

Do you need to hang up a picture of your grandmother? No problem! Rent of power drill instead of buying one.


…Who doesn’t get tempted to play a game of soccer occasionally. We have the balls ready.

More tools

Impact drill, Screwdriver, spirit level and other sort of small pieces of tools that you always need

Many new things in the horizon

We are continuously improving our concept and the experience for our StuffStation users. Therefore, you might experience new equipment in your StuffStation once in a while.

Need help to start renting equipment in your local StuffStation?

We are ready to assist you!

or give us a call

+45 70 256 256

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